Make your live performances worth it...

What’s the point of playing a great show if the audience doesn’t know or remember your band name? With a custom printed bass drum head, they definitely won’t forget it! A custom bass drum head is like having a billboard front and center at all concerts showcasing your band name, logo or custom artwork. We use cutting-edge printing technology to print directly on the bass drum head in spectacular full color! No more stickers, decals, or silly overlays. We create professionally printed bass drum heads that are actually affordable!

Personalize Your Performance

Whether you’re an up-and-coming band or already well-established in the music industry, a custom drum skin will help you stand out from other acts and add a touch of professionalism to your group. Bass drum head printing is simple and customizable, and our printed designs are durable enough to last longer than the drum head itself.

Grow Your Band Image

Custom drum skins are perfect for up-and-coming bands that are performing at various venues. Not only is your music important, but all bands have a visual element as well. A custom bass drum head will help you stand out from other bands. So whether you have a message to display, a logo you want to show off or just want something visual for the crowd to remember you by, a custom bass drum head is a great way to be more memorable.

Make Your Band Unique

In order to stand out from other bands, it’s important to customize your own gear. People recognize guitars from famous players like Kirk Hammett and Steve Vai, so why shouldn’t your band be memorable for a unique design as well? Your band’s bass drum is the perfect place to put a unique piece of artwork.

Multiple Design Options

Use our simple drag-and-drop designer tool to create a simple but effective custom drum skin. Don’t consider yourself the artistic type? We also offer artwork and design services for bands that need a custom logo created for their bass drum skin.

Suitable For All Bands

We don’t just provide our bass drum head printing services to established bands. Whether you’re an indie band, a garage band or playing on large stages, our custom drum heads are suitable for everyone.

Why Choose Us? has been around since 2006. Since then, we’ve established ourselves as a reliable business in the market of bass drum head printing.

  • Reliable Printing Techniques – No more fading art designs or peeling stickers. Our custom bass drum heads are printed directly onto the drum head to ensure they look great and last long. We use UV cured silkscreen inks that will outlast the drumhead itself.
  • Full Color Printing – There are no limitations to our printing techniques. Use whatever colorful designs and patterns you can think of to express your band’s message or simply show your full band logo.
  • Art Commissions Available – Not sure what design to use? Our team has the expertise to make a custom design for your bass drum.
  • Affordable Pricing – We strive to deliver quality bass drum skins at an affordable price. We believe our prices are the lowest that you’ll find anywhere, and we’re happy to match or beat prices that you find elsewhere.
  • Choice of Bass Drum Head Brands – Since we print directly onto the bass drum, you’ll have a choice of drum head brands. We use Aquarian, Evans and Remo smooth drum heads for printing designs.

Ready to make a statement with your band? Start your order today and see how much a custom drum skin can transform your band’s image.