Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bass drum heads do you use?

We offer custom printed drum heads using Aquarian, Evans and Remo bass drum heads. Sizes are available from 16″ to 30″.

Can I order a drum head size not listed on your web site?

Yes indeed! We can make heads as large as 40″. If you need a drum head size not listed on our web site, simply contact us and we’ll get it for you.

Do your prices include the actual bass drum head?

Yes, our prices include the actual bass drum head AND printing.

Is this a graphic overlay or do you print directly onto the drum head?

We print directly on the drum head. We can print full color or spot colors, white on black + full color, print on coated or gloss heads; we can even print on clear heads and leave portions of the head clear for backlighting. So many possibilities!

I want my drum head backlit. Can you help?

Our custom printed drumheads can be backlit using your own lighting equipment.

Pro Tip: Aquarian and Remo heads offer the brightest translucency making sure your drum head shine!

How durable is the graphic on my custom head?

We use UV cured silkscreen inks that have a full time outdoor durability rating for years. Technically the print should outlast the actual drum head’s useful life. Each drum head comes with a one year warranty.

Can you custom cut the mic port wherever I want?

Yes, within reason. We can custom cut your port hole and supply the Holex reinforcement ring to protect them after they are cut. We can even do multiple holes or custom shaped ports since we manufacture the Holex products ourselves.

Can I request a specific brand of head like Evans or Remo?

Our unique direct-to-head printing process is currently only setup to print on Attack and Ludwig brand drum heads.

My artwork file size is huge and I can't get it to upload properly when I try to checkout. What to do?

If this is the case, you can upload your image for free at MediaFire or DropBox and send us the download link.

Can create a design for me?

Of course! Digital art or sketch work, we can do it. We do require payment in advance before we begin the proofing process for custom logo creation. Please contact us for more details.