A huge percentage of people who take up musical instruments give them up. Drums are no exception.

There are many reasons for this, but a common thread among these is the simple fact that learning an instrument is hard work. With this in mind, beginners should always try to give themselves the best possible start. A huge part of this is getting your hands on the right equipment from your first day.

Drums themselves are obviously hugely important, but there is another key element that cannot be overlooked; drumsticks. Here, we look at what sets the best drumsticks for beginners apart from the rest.

The Best Drumsticks for a Beginner

There are many different types of drumstick, technically speaking. These are divided into various categories by letter and number.

Before getting bogged down in the details of which is which, you should know that beginners usually start out with a 5A drumstick.

There are a couple of reasons for this. For one, they are lighter than a lot of other options available, making them more suitable for children.

As well as this, they aren’t designed especially for any one type of music. Their versatility makes them ideal for a beginner who is unsure of what type of drumming he or she will end up doing.

Musical Style

If you have decided you would prefer to specialize in a certain genre of music from the beginning, you should probably take account of this when choosing your drumsticks.

The key consideration here is volume. if you want to play in a marching band, you need a stick that will produce a strong, loud sound. An S model drumstick would be suitable for such use.

On the other hand, if you want to produce a softer sound (as part of a jazz band, for instance), you’ll need a quieter stick. An A model is likely to be the right choice for you in this case.

Personal Considerations

Musical genre aside, you may have certain preferences for stick types or materials for various different reasons.

If your arms tire easily (which they probably will in the beginning, as drumming can be physically demanding), you should use a lighter stick.

On the other hand, you might find yourself wearing out sticks easily after a while. If you do, and you decide you’d like to get some more bang for your buck, a stronger, more durable stick might be worth considering.

Wood types make the difference here. Maple is a soft, light wood. Oak, on the other hand, is much more dense and durable.


While aesthetics might not be the biggest consideration for the beginner drummer, everyone wants to look cool while rocking out.

Whether it’s your sticks or your drum heads, style can play a big part in the life of a new drummer. Don’t be afraid to express yourself in this way, even as a beginner.

The Best Drumsticks for Beginners: Our Range

By now, you should have enough information to buy a good set of beginners’ sticks.

If you’re still not sure what the best drumsticks are for your needs, contact us today. We’ll help you get just what you need!