Some songs are so beloved that people a few generations from now will know about them, and the artists who wrote them often end up the same way. A good song can be known for its lyrics, its beat, or even its message.

Still others are known for drum solos. The music world has been graced with some awesome drummers over the years who have, in turn, blessed us with some of the greatest drum solos ever.

What are some of the best drum solos drum solos of all time, though? To answer that question, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks.

Dave Grohl

Though it’s hard to pick one song in particular, we had to put Dave Grohl on here. He had not only some of the best solos in history, but is also one of the best drummers in history. Kurt Cobain may have said it best when he said the band was “finally complete”.

Unfortunately, much of Dave Grohl’s drumming career slowed down after Nirvana. The good news is that Grohl is still in the music business and now serves as the frontman for the Foo Fighters.

Moby Dick

This song by Led Zeppelin has one of the greatest drum solos of all time, and John Bonham pulled it off like nobody else. The drum solo itself shows quite a range, having parts that require slow, controlled playing, and others that pick up the intensity quite a bit.

To this day, Bonham is thought of as one of the greatest drummers to ever live, and it’s hard to dispute that. Like all too many great musicians, Bonham passed away at the tragically young age of 32.

My Generation

Keith Moon is yet another iconic drummer whose work will never be equalled. You can hear the drums clashing along through the entirety of “My Generation” and almost stealing the show.

However, this song isn’t the only one where Keith Moon cranks out an amazing solo. In fact, videos exist of him playing nonstop, intense drum solos for several minutes.

If you want to learn how to pull off drum feats like these, you’re going to need to practice a lot. The good news is that we can offer a few tips to help you become a better drummer.


Rush’s Neil Peart has been described as ‘one of the great drummers of all time.’ This claim was made in the movie School of Rock, and that claim still holds true.

One of the best examples of this is the drum solo from YYZ. You can hear Neil Peart basically give birth to what are now considered staples of most drum solos.

He plays quickly and hits drum notes in what almost sounds like a single movement. He pulls off these fast, demanding drum beats not just in the solo, but throughout the whole song. As if that’s not enough, he strapped a xylophone to his drum set and worked it into the solo.

The World’s Best Drum Solos

There are a lot of drum solos out there, but few qualify as some of the best drum solos ever. Among them are drummers from across the ages, from classic musicians like Keith Moon of The Who, to Neil Perth of Rush and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, to even grunge drummers, like Dave Grohl.

Drums and the iconic people who played them have won the hearts and minds of the world, which is why we can expect drums to continue to be a part of music. As music continues to evolve and develop, we can expect plenty of other great drummers to make their mark.

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