When someone’s a drummer, it seems like that becomes a huge part of who they are as a person. Being a drummer isn’t just playing the drums: it’s an art, a personality trait, an obsession.

So why not give your drummer friend a gift to feed into this important part of their life? If they’re going to be spending hours practicing and playing gigs, you might as well get them a gift they’re really going to use and appreciate.

Check out these 4 gifts for drummers that they will absolutely love.

1. Ear Protection

You know what we all love? To be able to hear. Perhaps especially drummers who need to hear the music to keep on the beat and slay their drum solo.

But drumming, as you probably know, is loud. And it’s not just “please be quiet it’s 10 at night” loud.

It’s hearing loss loud. Drummers are at a higher risk than other musicians to experience hearing loss.

To protect their ears and keep them hearing their awesome music, get them some high-quality ear protection. Certain brands of plugs will allow certain frequencies and sounds through the earplug so they’ll still be able to hear the music and follow along as they play without exposing their ears to dangerously loud sounds.

2. Customized Drum Equipment

Drum kits are basically equivalents to children for drummers. And you know how parents flip out over baby clothes, right? It’s the same for drummers with their kits.

You can get personalized gifts for drummers that they’ll love. Customized drumsticks with patterns, logos, their name, and more to give them something personal and practical.

You can also design a custom bass drum head for their kit. Imagine giving a customized drum head featuring your loved one’s band logo, or even just a sick design of a flaming skull (that’s rock n’ roll, right?). They’ll have the coolest drum kit around.

3. Drum Mute Pads

We love our drummer friends, but we don’t necessarily love pounding loud drum sounds at all hours of the day. Practice pads can be great, but nothing beats playing your own personal kit.

Drum mute pads are the perfect solution. They fit right over the top of the drums so your loved one can play whenever they want without disturbing the peace.

4. Stick and/or Cup Holder

These drum gifts might not be as exciting as a custom drum head but they’re definitely ones your drummer friend will use and appreciate. A drumstick holder can attach right to the kit for easy reach in case one gets broken, dropped, thrown into the audience, etc.

Also, drumming is hard work. We sweat, scream, jump, flail our arms, etc. A cup holder that can attach to the kit to hold our favorite sports drink or water for a mid-show or practice pick-me-up would be greatly appreciated.

Wrapping Up on the Best Gifts for Drummers

If you’re not a drummer or a musician, it can be hard to know what exactly drummers would want for a gift. These are some of the best gifts for drummers you can get, so hopefully one of these will work for you and your drummer loved one.

Contact us if you have any questions, and check out our drum head designer to start creating an awesome personalized gift!