Music is one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. What could be cooler than showing off a new drum set to your friends and family?

In fact, annual retail sales of percussion instruments in the U.S. are nearly $400 million. With such a large industry, there are many options available to consumers.

For some, buying drums can be confusing and they are unsure exactly what to look for. Read on for a beginner’s guide to buying drums. Explore what a drum set consists of and other helpful tips so that you can make a sound investment.

What Does a Drum Set Consist Of?

When buying a drum set, one of the main variables is the number of individual drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments contained in the kit. Since you are a beginner, below we are going to walk you through the contents of a drum set.

What Is Included in a Basic Drum Set?

A standard drum set configuration always comes with three items. These items are commonly referred to as the big three and include a kick, snare, and a hi-hat.

Technically speaking, the kick is referred to as the bass drum. This is the largest drum and sits on its side in the center of a drum set. The bass drum is operated with a foot pedal and is responsible for deep notes.

The primary instrument is the snare drum located in the middle of the set. This is the drum that is placed directly in front of the drummer’s knees.

Lastly, there are two cymbals next to the snare drum that makes up the hi-hat. Drummers use another foot pedal to crash the cymbals together or use their drumsticks.

What Are Toms?

At various pitches, toms produce a hollow sound and are another drum that can be added to your kit. Some toms are mounted to a stand and located on the floor.

Others are mounted over the bass drum. Experts recommend that a beginner’s drum set include no more than 3 toms.

What Drums and Accessories Should You Buy?

Toms are a customizable part of your drum set. More advanced drummers can purchase additional toms.

Obviously, you will need a pair of drumsticks. Some drummers purchase customized logos to show off on their bass drum.

What Are Some Tips for Buying a Drum Set?

Shopping for a musical instrument is different than other purchases. This is a situation in which the cheapest drum set is not the best option.

When you spend less money on a drum set you are sacrificing quality. In some cases, you are sacrificing sound as less money in gets you fewer drums or cymbals.

Buying Drums – Wrapping It Up

Like any major purchase, shopping for a drum set is about doing research up front. The most important thing for a beginner is to understand what you are buying.

You now understand that the kick, snare, and hi-hat come standard in a drum set. Some drummers like to customize their set with additional toms or a logo on the bass drum. If you are interested in buying drums and need a customized logo, please contact us for assistance.