Are you looking for new ways to master how to promote your band?

Want to find a better way to show off your epic band logo?

If so, then there are few things better than showing off your band — and sticking in the minds of your fans — than by promoting your band with a customized bass drum head.

The truth is that branding, especially in today’s social media-obsessed world — matters even in the music scene. While blogging, playing tons of live shows, and meeting with fans matters?

So does setting the scene.

The next time you’re ready to take center stage, make like your favorite musicians and rep your band with custom bass drum heads.

How to Market Your Band with Custom Bass Drum Heads

Sure, costumes to rival Bowie and stage makeup like the members of Kiss will certainly get your band noticed.

But if you want to learn how to promote your band, you need to ensure that you’re using all the space possible to remind people of who you are.

A custom bass drum head is the perfect centerpiece for your live shows, your music videos, and can even help you to get into the zone during a recording or practice session.

You can create drum heads with your name, your band’s logo, and even use a customized font to promote your overall brand consistency. Plus, drum heads are the perfect platform for crazy designs and seriously bright colors.

Check out some of the awesome pieces that we’ve helped to bring to light on our very own gallery page.

You can make your drum head shine even brighter by backlighting it with your own equipment.

Drum heads can also help you to commemorate a special concert, honor another musician that you look up to, or even sell after an epic show to raise money for your favorite charity.

Best of all?

The custom drum heads that we make are incredibly durable — even for those who go all out during live shows. They’re actually created on UV cured silk screens. This means that they’re even built to last outdoors.

We can also cut out custom mike ports, along with the right reinforcements.

Plus, you’ll also get a yearlong guarantee.

How to Promote Your Band: Wrapping Up

Whether you’re making your own merch or representing other artists, we hope that this post has shown you how to promote your band through custom printed bass drum heads.

It’s time to think outside of just the bumper stickers and band tees and take things to the next level.

Ready to order the right customized drum heads for your band marketing plan — ones that are both high-quality and actually affordable?

If so, we’ve got you covered. We work with both Ludwig and Attack brands, and our awesome direct-to-head printing solution makes it easier than ever. We can make heads for bass drums up to 40 inches, so always feel free to contact us if you need a special order.

Start your order with us now, and get ready to make your next show even more unforgettable.