You’ve got the crew, the talent, and the songs. Now, all that’s left is to get the fans! In our oversaturated, digital world, musicians are struggling to be heard. In fact, 90.7 percent of all artists are undiscovered.

Crank your marketing to eleven and check out these marketing strategies for musicians so you can reach your new fans online, as well as in concert.

1. Invest in a Website

It doesn’t matter if you’re a home service company or shredding guitarist, everyone needs a website, especially bands. It doesn’t matter whether you have an awesome social media page or regular email newsletter if you don’t have a website you’ll lose credibility.

Invest in an innovative site, brand colors that pop, and mobile-friendly design to showcase your upcoming show dates, albums, and connect with your biggest fans.

Having a website can help you retarget visitors that come to your website on social media.

Don’t forget to upload the latest photos and videos, too. Marketers who use video increase their revenue 49 percent faster.

2. Leverage Email Marketing

Effective email marketing is an incredible strategy that falls deaf on some band marketing ears. Don’t miss out on any online music marketing opportunities, including your fans’ inbox.

Schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters that are engaging, easy-to-read and contain a special offer like a free song download.

Not sure where to start? Platforms like MailChimp are easy to navigate with click-and-drop creatives and pre-made templates.

3. Make the Most of Social Media

Social media is where your band can find the bulk of its digital success.

Create a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter, and YouTube for your band and regularly upload videos, photos, and share upcoming dates.

Increase page likes with a modest social media marketing budget or boost your latest music video.

Facebook and Instagram have an in-depth advertising platform that’s easy to use and get you the exposure you crave.

Make your accounts beneficial to your fans with a contest for free tickets, merch, or a chance to meet the band!

4. Create Threads Your Fans Can Rock

The best form of marketing? The kind where the product does it for you! Band merchandise is an excellent way to stay topical and relevant, while also giving your fans the opportunity to rock your logo.

Consider creating merchandise like t-shirt, hoodies, posters, and stickers with your band’s colors, logos, and tagline if you have it.

Don’t forget your band, too! Dozens of stores offer custom drum heads, frets, picks, and equipment that can rock your logo.

5. Keep Performing

While it’s important to focus on your digital presence, it’s essential that you don’t forget your physical one as well.

The best way to market for your band is to do what you do best: play.

Playing live increases your exposure, gives you more fodder for social media and your website, and allows you to meet other musicians.

Keep an up-to-date schedule of tour dates, reach out to festivals, and play wherever you can!

Beyond Marketing Strategies for Musicians

Your career doesn’t end with killer marketing strategies for musicians. Now that you’re on your way to the big time, you need equipment to match!

Check out our custom drum head creator that can be designed with your band’s colors, logo, and much more!