Drummers have been around since cavemen, but that doesn’t mean you have to play like one.

Although the modern drum kit didn’t fully develop until the 1930s, learning the drums has never been easier with so many valuable resources. These five important tips will help you start off on the right foot.

1. Handle Your Sticks

Starting your drumming journey can be derailed early from being too aggressive with the sticks.

Correctly grasping the drum stick is the first step before ever playing the instrument, and nine times out of ten, the dummer is gripping them too hard. You should make sure the stick is moving freely and in a natural arc between your thumb and index or middle finger. This will ensure the proper force needed to play each piece of your drum set.

Now that you’ve got your sticks situated, you can work on a variety of grips that feel comfortable for you.

2. Purchase a Practice Pad

You have the sticks in hand, but before you get drumming, start off with a practice pad instead of a full drum set.

Investing in a simple practice pad will help you learn the basic skills and techniques of drumming. Practice pads come in both plastic and rubber models and are ideal for warming up before playing or practicing your dexterity.

Building up your technique before purchasing a full drum set will save you months of headaches and hundreds of dollars. Practice pads are even beneficial once you’ve decided to go with a full set.

3. A Step in the Right Direction

If you’ve graduated to a full drum set, you’ll need to master the bass drum pedal and do so with control.

You should not remove your foot completely off the pedal, but it should be in contact with it at all times. Keep the bass drum beater around three to five centimeters from the drum head to create the correct sound by using appropriate force.

There are two different techniques to consider when using the bass drum pedal: heel up or heel down. Test out both options to decide which is better for you.

Once you’ve mastered the bass drum, you can deck it out in all sorts of unique decals.

4. Meet Other Drummers

Having a “jam session” is a common occurrence that most musicians partake in. Yes, this includes you, drummers.

In order to ever be considered the best drummer in the world, you have to play with others. Rather than just practicing and playing in your home, garage, or for the camera on YouTube, branch out and make some friends. You may be surprised at how quickly you improve your skills.

Finding both like-minded and diverse drummers can introduce newbies to different genres and techniques. Community involvement will improve your musical pallet and create potential life-long friendships.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

As simple as it sounds, try, try again.

You’ve probably heard the old adage, 10,000 hours of practice makes you an expert.

Take that seriously. Practicing as much as you can is the best way to become a good drummer. You’ll progress slowly if you don’t take the time to practice, even if you’re taking lessons. Whoever is the best dummer ever didn’t wake up that way; it took years of practice.

Rocking and Rolling

Drummers, you’ve mastered the craft, now make sure they remember your name.

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